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Day 50: Turning Kids Blue Mind On

Hi Everyone... Very Cool! Turning his son's Blue Mind On very early! ;-)

Day 49: Ocean Energy

Hi Everyone... Some may know I'm certified in Therapeutic Tai Chi for Wellness, which includes Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga & Meditation. Lee Anne from Mind Body Breathe posted this video with the following below and I thought it really demonstrated the Blue Mind with Breathe work!  ***** “She remembered she is as powerful as the sea” LAS The same mysterious force that causes the sun to rise, that powers the waves, that forms and moves the clouds-is the same force that is within us. We have incredible energy running through us at all times. Sometimes we feel that life is happening to us, that things are out of control. Thats (sic) when the great pause can be so powerful!  Pause  Breathe  move in rhythm with nature  tap into the life force energy that is in and around us. As without so within Qigong is the art of learning to tap in and work with this incredible life force energy that is inside of each of us! Slow flowing movements bring us out of our minds and into our hearts. You ar

Day 48: More Splish Splashing!

Great way to Turn Your Blue Mind On watching this little guy turn his on! :-) 

Day 47: Splishing & Splashing!

There was no embedding code, so check out this link for the cutes video of a girl playing in a puddle! She is definitely in a Blue Mind! 

Day 46: Calm & Clear

Hi Everyone... Oh I thought this was just a PERFECT quote which captures what BLUE MIND is all about! 

Day 45: Singing in the Rain

Hi Everyone... Oh man my Spirit just had this inside me singing today! HA! We do have a storm heading this way, so maybe that is what triggered it in me? :-) We gotta add this song to Dr. Nichols' Spotify list ! :-) How can you not be happy watching this? When is the last time you had fun in the rain? :-)

Day 44: Blue Mind Spirit

Hi Everyone... Well this image really spoke to the Blue Mind Spirit in me! :-) Sooo much in it! It is the work of a Gregor999  which I found on a blog which listed  25 Photo Manipulations of Water . Check them out! 

Day 43: Blue Mind Music

Hi Everyone... This is one of my favorite Blue Mind songs! I hear it all the time when I'm in my car. Well...I listen to the 70s so! Ha! I love just watching this video of Dolphins and Whales having sooo much fun in the water! They definitely will show you what Blue Mind is all about! :-) If you are not aware Dr. Nichols has a list of songs on Spotify ! Check them out! I'll get them up on my website soon. :-)

Day 42: Excitement of Blue Mind!

Hi Everyone... OH YES! Blue Mind just gets one soooo EXCITED! :-) 

Day 41: Turn it Blue if You Have to!

Hi Everyone... Dr. Nichols is always saying to find your water and if there are barriers fix them. :-) Well this guy certainly did! Wow! We need more like him to do this around the world and fix our drinking water like in Flint, MI!!! 

Day 40: Smiles of Blue Mind

Hi Everyone... This is just an AWESOME story! How big her smile is on the water! Definitely Turning her Blue Mind On!!! P.S. I love Growing Bolder! :-) 

Day 39: Monkeys Turning Their Blue Mind On

Hi Everyone... Well they are sure having fun with the water. I have to say it is not very deep and each time one jumped I was having "red mind" thinking they would hurt themselves. HA! 

Day 38: Floating Cabins

Hi Everyone... Well I have not been to this place but I thought it was a really cool idea and wanted to share with you. Seems like a great way to Turn Your Blue Mind On and stay 6 ft away from others. :-) 

Day 37: Vitamin Sea for Red Mind

Hi Everyone... Great Outside article from a young lady who find the Ocean Turns her Blue Mind On when it starts to get Red with Panic which just so happens to have a few thoughts from Dr. Nichols :-) 

Day 36: Make One Path the Beach

Hi Everyone... Oh yes, as much as you possibly can. Right now...may not be such a good idea but eventually we'll be able to safely. In the meantime, take out your pictures and videos of the beach and Turn Your Blue Mind on watching your past trips to the Beach :-) 

Day 35: Fall Asleep with Blue Mind

Hi Everyone... I saw this posted by Carpe Diem 365 on Facebook and totally agreed! Definitely great to Turn Your Blue Mind On as you fall asleep! :-)

Day 34: Restoration & Healing

Hi Everyone... I just saw this and thought it definitely was "Blue Mind." Just your feet in the water a bit and the feel of the sand....ahhhh! :-) 

Day 33: WWF Virtual Panda Paddle

Hi Everyone... The WWF Panda Paddle is going on from Aug 21st - 23rd. Great way to Turn Your Blue Mind On. Check out this link for more details! 

Day 32: And Bison!

Hi Everyone... Yep...even Bison Understand! :-)

Day 31: Blue Mind Bears

Hi Everyone... Even Bears Turn Their Blue Mind On! :-)

Day 30th: Dogs Turn Their Blue Minds On Too!

Hi Everyone... Had to share this...just too cute! Even dogs know water is great fun, relaxation and cooling!

Day 29th: Turning Your Blue Mind On in CA!

Hi Everyone... Well I have CA started! :-) I saw a news post about a new float spa in CA opening and I decided to start CA. I'm adding float spas right now, but if you have any favorite water places email me the link at and I'll get them posted. :-) 

Day 28: World Rainforest Day

Hi Everyone... Today is World Rainforest Day! As you probably know your first breath is from the Trees and the second is from the Ocean! :-) We need to protect BOTH!!! Of course, just like the ocean, changing any one part of the Rainforest Ecosystem alters all the other parts. And each ecosystem affects another. As you can see from the picture, there are many bodies of water which are vital to the Rainforest. The water of the Rainforest is important for its survival and the Rainforest for the Water. Now, certainly those humans who live in & around the Rainforest need the Rainforest and the water, though they may not all realize how their behaviors may be affecting it. They need it for sources of food, medicine and though they may not know the idea of "Blue Mind," they no doubt are benefiting from it. I would say the animals do as well! ;-) Here are some videos which I think might show you. I love the 2nd with Jane Goodall. I think when the chimpanzee is sittin

Day 27: Thanks for the Blue Dad!

Hi Everyone... It is Father's Day and I thought I would just repost the entry I did in 2018 about my Dad putting up pools for us to enjoy the BLUE WATER so much when I grew up!!! Yep, that is me & my Dad! You know back then they didn't know all the research on Blue Mind, but they knew it was fun for the kids, kept them home ha, exercise and busy! :-) 

Day 26: Lets Make A List!

Hi Everyone... Well, I had a thought...ah oh...HA! J. had mentioned trying to get the Blue Mind book in every school and aquarium etc. I know I have donated some books and I know others have as well. So here is my idea, I thought to get a sense of where we are at, how many have one and to check to see who has one and who does not, I'd create a spreadsheet and put it in Google Docs for others to be able to edit with their donations. If you would like to be able to view it and add your donations, simply email me at and I'll share it with you and make you an editor. :-) Lets try it! 

Day 25: Rain, Rain DON'T Go Away!

Hi Everyone... I do academic coaching and the other day I had a coping with stress session and was discussing the virtual water links I have on my website . It dawned on me that I did not have any links of rain. J. mentioned in an email about a week ago that he loves the sound of rain and thunder. I also do!!! So, you guessed it...I have rain links now! :-)  I have some soft rain, some rain with birds and other animals and some hard rain with thunder. :-) Of course, like the other water links, I have a variety of time frames. I'm currently listening to the Rainforest one with thunder and animals. :-) If you have any favorite rain links, email them to me at and I'll see if I can include them. :-) 

Day 24: Feel the Blue!

Hi Everyone... I wanted to share with you a few pieces in my Ocean themed bedroom that Turns My Blue Mind On. :-) These are tiles made from organic clay imprints and recycled glass. Cool huh! :-) Some have a hole on back to hang or have little pads like a coaster/trivet or you can cement/glue on wall or floor anything really! I just have mine propped up on shelves etc.  They are made by Robert Rossel of  Symmetry Tile Works . I met them at the Chicago Flower & Garden Show a number of years ago. They have some cool backsplashes and murals on their website.  I love the colors, definitely Blue Mind! I'd really love to learn how to make them myself. Seems like it would be so much fun & allow one to be creative. Kinda of the grown up version of those stain glass kits I had when I was a kid! :-) Whenever I'm in my bedroom relaxing I will just look at one for a while and I "Feel the Blue!"  :-) 

Day 23: Blue Mind With Ai Chi

Hi Everyone... I am actually certified in Tai Chi for Wellness & Tai Chi in a Chair. This is an interesting piece on  Ai Chi ...Aquatic Tai Chi. :-) Injured soldiers in Virginia are using it to help with their recovery. Tai Chi helps with blood flow, flexibility, balance, breathing and muscles which are weak and stiff. Water really is Medicine!

Day 22: World Turtle Day

Hi Everyone... Last year I fell in love with this material. I made a fleece blanket for myself, two pillows for my bed and then one for my fur baby Sterling. Really puts me in a Blue Mind! :-) Please excuse the mess on the floor...pulled apart something to reorganize Ha.  Sterling with his favorite toy...his turtle! Word got out and some other Marine Life showed up! HA! Even some new friends came for Sterling! HA!  I did buy extra material to make some more! :-) 

Day 21: Blue Mind at the Dells

Hi Everyone... I was thinking about what to write for today. Trying to think of water places I had been to that I really loved and all of a sudden a smile came over me when I thought of going to Wisconsin Dells as a kid. I have to check on some details with my parents, but I think we went twice. I am much older now & I'm not sure how my memory is, but I seem to recall loving the Duck rides. I thought it was sooo cool they traveled on land and then went into the water! :-) I loved the water and the huge rocks!  I also LOVED going to see the Native American Dance at night. All the pretty colored lights and the costumes similar to this one I think, but I remember 2 men with arms like birds dancing round and round. :-) I also remember going to Paul Bunyan's for breakfast eating at long tables with other people. :-)  The first time we went I was little and we stayed at a cabin and I met the owner's daughter who was my age and named Rachel. Yep, still rem

Day 20: DYI Blue Mind

Hi Everyone... I thought I'd give you an idea of how to make your own water fountain. Just an idea to start with. You can tailor it to your own liking! :-) I'm thinking of making myself one! :-)

Day 19: World Oceans Week Recap

Hi Everyone... Well look at that purple coral. Do you think it is pretty? It is...but unfortunately this color change means it is dying. One of the MANY things I learned since last Sunday during the World Oceans Week presentations and films. This picture is from Lizard Island on the Great Barrier Reef of the 2016 warming, which lead to 29% of the coral reef dying and 67% of the Northern Reef dying due to warmer waters. This information was in the Chasing Coral film which you can watch FREE   online from Netflix now. Tonight at 6pm I will provide some information I learned from each of the conferences, starting with last Sunday's Blue Water Summit , then Monday's United Nations Conference , Tuesday's Capitol Hill Conference & then Tues-Fri's Earthx Oceans Conference . If you did not get a change to watch and learn during the week, come tonight & I'll give you a recap of the big things I learned and the information I think you definitely need to know

Day 18: Refreshingly Blue!

Hi Everyone... Today I Turn My Blue Mind On with a blue glass of water.   Ahhhh! Just the glass sitting there, as with the sticker & postcard, it visually comes into my brain and calms me even when I'm not conscious of it. :-) 

Day 17: Blue New Deal

Hi Everyone... Well I came across this today & I have to say, I had not seen this yet. Senator Elizabeth Warren has a proposed Blue New Deal . It is an interesting read! And yes, I did email her and suggested she read Blue Mind because they should include the research on how water makes us "Happier, Healthier, More Connected & Better At What We Do!!!"

Day 16: From One Blue to the Other

Hi Everyone... Well this is quite COOL! Astronaut Kathy Sullivan went from EXPLORING one Deep Blue, the Deep SKIES to the other, the Deep OCEAN! Check out this article .  

Day 15: NJ K-12 Requires Climate Education

Hi Everyone... Woo Hoo! New Jersey has become the first state to require Climate Crisis education in their K-12 education. Sounds like a great opportunity to get some Blue Mind information to them now! 

Day 14: World Oceans Day/Week

Hi Everyone... Today is World Oceans Day !!! Woo Hoo! Lots of presentations and films this week! Today the United Nations starts of with their conference. Check out my schedule for the rest of the week and find the Capitol Hill Conference Tues, Earthx events Tues-Thurs & then my Film Discussion on Fri, Force Blue films on Sat & Blue Mind films on Sun! :-) 

Day 13: Blue Water Summit

Hi Everyone... Today is the Blue Water Summit starts 11am Central Time. I'll come back on here & put my comments after it is over! :-)  Dr. Nichols is presenting & Fabien Cousteau! :-) 

Day 12: Blue Mind Song #1

Hi Everyone.... Well, this is one of my Favorite water songs! You see, when I was in kindergarten we had to learn this song. We did a performance of it for our parents with rain boots, coats & twirling umbrellas. :-) I never have forgotten the lyrics since then. I had the most fabulous teacher also! This song was in the popular movie Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid & won an Oscar! Today, I understand the lyrics more than I did back when I was in kindergarten, so it means even more now. I get the meaning of the song, but it does suggest rain (water) is not good and one needs to wait for the sun to come back out for happiness. I would have totally disagree with that...there is sooo much one can be happy & grateful for with rain. :-)

Day 11: Oceans Video Challenge

Hi Everyone... Today is World Environment Day! I thought I'd let you know about the Ocean Video Challenge . Check it out. See if you know any young people who would like to get involved. 

Day 10: My Favorite Blue Mind Movie

Hi Everyone... Ahhhh...I think this is my FAVORITE water movie!!! Really, I have 3 movies that tie for #1 as my all time favorite movies! Want to make a guess on what the other 2 are? Put it in the comments...give you a week & then I'll put the other two in the comments as well. I think the movies people like tells you a lot about their personality don't you?! :-) On Golden Pond came out in the theaters on Dec 4, 1981. I was almost 17 yrs old and in the middle of my Jr year in high school. I can't tell you how many times I have watched this film, but man it is a lot. Just the first few notes of this music makes me relax sooooo much! I have the CD and the movie. It is just a TOTALLY Beautiful movie! Nature including the water and the Loons of course, the music, the characters and plot. Even the behind the scenes dynamics is also a part of it. Watch the extras...interview with Jane Fonda on what Katherine Hepburn told her etc. :-) Ahhh I think I'll have to watc

Day 9: The Shedd Aquarium

Hi Everyone... One of the places I LOVE to go to Turn My Blue Mind On is the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. It is still closed due to COVID and I'm not sure really when it will be open & when I will feel comfortable going there but "someday" I'll be back relaxing and watching the fish, penguins, Belugas, sting rays, jellies etc. :-) 

Day 8: Fox River

Hi Everyone... These pictures are from fun family times on the Fox River. We had an annual picnic there for one of my dad's business organizations. Sooo many fun times over the years. We would ride the Ferry, soaking up the sun and water and laugh etc. Play games, feed the geese, play mini golf and there was a public pool there as well that we would go to sometimes. Now, my nieces in these pictures...they are now 29 yrs old & soon to be 23 yrs old! HA! I actually have a new niece who is 3 months old now! YEP! I don't know if they still have these picnics?? We have not gone in many years. This year they would probably cancel it with COVID, but I'll have to see for next year because man it was just a great place to Turn Your Blue Mind On!!!