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Day 18: No Excuse Now!

Hi Everyone... This came on my newsfeed today & I thought it was worth sharing! It might sound at times a bit depressing, but I think overall it is a hopeful message! I wanted to honor & thank Dr. Sylvia Earle  ( Mission Blue - Slyvia Earle Alliance ) for her commitment to ocean research. She is an AMAZING woman! She is sooo RIGHT! NO EXCUSE today!!! I am very hopeful that the younger generation will do more to help our planet. I think they really do feel the generations before them did not do anything (overall) and that they know they have to do something now. I think back to when I was younger & my parents generation and the quote "Ignorance is Bliss" comes to mind. It is true, I/they lived happily not knowing and doing what I/they wanted to do. Unfortunately, ignorance is also harmful! It makes me wonder when was the moment in time, as a society, we stopped caring...overall? What was the pivotal factor that changed things? I do remember in the 1970s the PS