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Day 17: WMW #6 Mackinac Island

Hi Everyone... Well in I'm not mistaken this is from a 2001 trip to Mackinac Island. Lighthouse in the distance. I had always wanted to go to the Island since I was little and saw pictures of my mom's trip there with her folks when she was a teen. I also got even more interested to see the Grand Hotel after the movie "Somewhere In Time" came out. :-)  From the hotel balcony. There were lots of seagulls there the next day. First day was kinda dreary but after that it was not bad. I had a great deal of fun! It is a lovely town. Went on a boat ride. Father Jacques Marquette Statute overlooking the water. Checked out the historic sites, browsed in the shops and had some lovely meals! Here is the bridge you cross to the Island. It was a very relaxing trip. I'm finding myself really wanting to go back right now! :-)