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Day 5: Kelly Slater - The Science of Surfing

Hi Everyone... I mentioned in yesterday's post that I had not heard of Andy Irons nor Kelly Slater since I'm from the Midwest and well surfing is just not a big thing here! HA! I first learned about Kelly Slater recently when he was interviewed on StarTalk , a show I love & record. :-) I thought I would share the episode with you in case you have not seen it. (I don't see any way to share the video in the post and you'll have to pick your service provider.)  Kelly starts off talking about living near Kennedy Space Station & his mom working there. He too felt the shuttles were kinda common place/routine events yet feeling his house shake when the Challenger exploded. He said he watched until that launch, but Neil never asked him why he didn't watch after that? Interesting! I too remember being in college and each night sitting in my bed watching tv and for several days they would scrub the launch due to weather. I also remember the day it exploded.