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Day 5: Bringing the Ocean To Me

Hi Everyone... Well I thought I would show you a bit of how I get my Blue Mind Turned On! :-) I do not live near an ocean and I do not get to visit one very often. I think the last time I saw one was over 20 yrs ago...sniff...sniff so I try to bring the ocean feeling to me a bit. These pix are from my bedroom. Yes, Ocean Themed with a dab of lavender in there, my previous color. I do put some seasonal/holiday at times in there, but starting next week (World Oceans Week) and the rest of the summer it is full Ocean theme. :-) So here are two of my little fishies. I created the ladder decorations and I know "Starfish" but guys it is like 40 yrs old. I got it when I was a young teenager I believe in FL when we were not that socially conscious about this as a society and I was not about to throw it away...I'd rather have its death have a purpose of relaxing me and know it did not die for nothing. :-)