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Day 3: What's My Water (WMW) #1: Family Pool 1

Hi Everyone... Well today Alberto made its way up to Lake Michigan area, so I stayed home. Little did I know my area would seem to always fall in the clear strips as it whipped around this area. Didn't get much rain. HA! I thought I would share with you my water from some earlier years. Yesterday, I went searching through all my pictures for those that had water in them. I have a nice stash, but I'm still looking for a few earlier than these two though. These pictures are at my maternal grandparents house in Chicago. The woman in the chair rented the place upstairs with her mom and we just loved her. I remember she had a big Peanuts figurine display on her coffee table. :-) I'm the one in the blue & red bikini climbing in the pool and those are my 3 siblings. Yep, I'm the oldest. It says 1973 on the back, but I'm thinking maybe the next year. First, my family was not great on documenting pictures, so they may have guessed later and