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Day 6: WMW #2 - Family Pool 2

Hi Everyone... Well today's water consisted of doing the dishes & laundry! HA! We also got a bit of rain this evening. I can't seem to find a picture yet of our first pool at our first house. Still searching though. This one was at our second house. We had an acre and 1/3 of woods. We just took the trees out where the house & driveway would be and just a smidge around it to have a bit of a lawn. The house in the background is our neighbors. This pool was the biggest we had and I loved it. I could really get quite a bit of swimming in. I also loved floating and looking up to the underneath side of the leaves and seeing the water moving as a reflection on them. The colors were cool also with the sun going through some of them. Of course, I'd also get to listen to the birds and see the squirrels racing around chasing each other and jumping from limb to limb. I'm probably odd, but even the sound of the pool filter relaxed me, probably because it was sim