Day 6: WMW #2 - Family Pool 2

Hi Everyone...

Well today's water consisted of doing the dishes & laundry! HA! We also got a bit of rain this evening.

I can't seem to find a picture yet of our first pool at our first house. Still searching though. This one was at our second house. We had an acre and 1/3 of woods. We just took the trees out where the house & driveway would be and just a smidge around it to have a bit of a lawn. The house in the background is our neighbors.

This pool was the biggest we had and I loved it. I could really get quite a bit of swimming in. I also loved floating and looking up to the underneath side of the leaves and seeing the water moving as a reflection on them. The colors were cool also with the sun going through some of them. Of course, I'd also get to listen to the birds and see the squirrels racing around chasing each other and jumping from limb to limb. I'm probably odd, but even the sound of the pool filter relaxed me, probably because it was simply associated with how I felt in the water. It was deeper in the middle so we'd throw sinker in and go diving for them. I'd also love swimming and floating as the sun went down. Then you might see the raccoons start to climb down the trees, the owls start to screech (baby sounds "SSSSS") and the bats fly around catching mosquitoes (in the days we didn't have to worry so much about mosquitoes!)

Now there is a bit of a funny story with this pool. I can't remember what year it was and how long we had had it, but I remember I had just finished painting all the rails and edge tops and in the wee hours of that evening/next morning my mom went to the bathroom. She said she flushed the toilet and there was such a loud gush! HA! The pool just happened to totally collapse. Ya, that is a lot of water everywhere! Our neighbor's lawn furniture went traveling to other neighbors! HA! I'm just lucky it did not do it when I was painting, but I was kind pissed after doing all that work in the hot sun. The walls had just been rusting out between it and the liner. You could not see it on the outside of the wall. I really missed that pool! At least the homeowner's insurance took care of it very well. :-) I'm just thinking right now...some poor animals in the line of the gushing water must have thought it was a Tsunami! HA! Hopefully, there wasn't any hurt though. 

I will say one thing I don't miss is, for some reason, when we would take the cover off each spring, I was always on the end the cover came to & ended up with all the muck on me! GRRR! Ya, Ya, I'm the oldest and can hold it the best. Right! I also was the one that would vacuum it all the time and net all those leaves & acorns that got in it. I did like doing the process of cleaning the filter though. It was cool to see the sand clear etc. 

Just looking at the picture brings back such vivid memories and feelings of summer and living all day in your bathing suit, the smell of sunscreen, the warmth, being barefoot, laughter, peace, and of course later in the day the smell grills cooking....Ahhhhh Summer! :-) Did we appreciate it back then as much as we should have? Hmmm? As much as I do now?  


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