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Day 18: Movie Tonight - Heavy Water

Hi Everyone... Tonight Fathom Events has Heavy Water in the theaters. Check your areas !

Day 16: Check out 4Ocean

Hi Everyone... I wanted to highlight 4Ocean so you can see what they are all about! Check out their website!!!

Day 15: 4Ocean Heads to NY!

Hi Everyone... Woo Hoo! 4Ocean headed out to New York & look at what everyone did!!! Please also check out their website & see if you can help them with cleaning up our Oceans!

Day 14: World Ocean Day Times Square

Hi Everyone... This is really cool! They should do something on the Ocean EVERYDAY for say 5 min to get everyone to TURN THEIR BLUE MIND ON!!!

Day 13: World Oceans Day

Hi Everyone... Turn  Your Blue Mind On listening to Ocean Waves on World Oceans Day!!! :-)

Day 7: Live Decades Longer Swimming!

Hi Everyone... Check out this article which describes some studies which found swimming slows down aging by DECADES!!! What's more..."Those who swam had a 50% lower death rate than runners, walkers, and those who did not exercise at all." The article provides 8 reasons for this extra longevity including increased well-being, in particular reducing anxiety & depression (#3).  Water definitely is Medicine!!!

Day 6: Blue Mind Docuseries FREE Until Sun!

Hi Everyone... EXCITING NEWS!!! The Blue Mind Docuseries is FREE ACCESS through Sun 11:59 EST!!! Don't miss this opportunity to watch all 7 videos and learn about the SCIENCE that shows how Being Near, In, On or Under the Water can make you Happier, Healthier, More Connected & Better at what you Do! They are AWESOME!!! The picture above is from 1 of the 2 videos on  Force Blue , a group of special operation combat divers who now have a mission of conserving, preserving and restoring the coral reefs! They are just AMAZING!!!

Day 5: Bellyaking

Hi Everyone...  Wow! Check out this Bellyak! Would you do this? I suppose it might depend on how the water was...not sure I would do it in rough rapids.

Day 4: Blue Mind Floors

WOW! I just saw this link posted with a whole bunch of water floor murals! Definitely could keep you in #BlueMind though be careful...a few on the page would give me Red Mind, especially the ones that appear to drop through the floor. Check them out !

Day 3: Yoga Flow at the Shedd

Hi Everyone... How about taking in the water in Chicago while you do some Yoga? The Shedd Aquarium has " Shedd Yoga Flow " for 2 more dates, June 8th & 23rd 8am-10am. Then you can head inside and check out all the other water exhibits to keep your mind at peace! :-)

Day 2: Wash Away Your Troubles with Water!

Hi Everyone... Remember the Calgon commercials? Oh how water can wash away your troubles! Soaking in hot tub, maybe with some bubbles or the whirl pool jets. Ahhhh! Give yourself permission today to take one & relax!!! D

Day 1: 6th Annual Blue Mind Challenge Begins!

Hi Everyone... Woo Hoo! Blue Mind Challenge is here again! 100 days of getting Near, In, On or Under the water!!! Don't forget it can be any water! Like today, where I am, it is storming pretty nasty so heavy rain is my water today! I'm sure the trees will love to drink in the water & the birds will have lots of water to bathe and have fun in. :-) Jumping in some puddles after it is gone can be quite fun and relaxing for humans as well. Have fun & TURN YOUR BLUE MIND ON!!!