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Day 16: Cleaner Water

Hi Everyone... There is just something about this post I tell we go again! These are the stickers on the back of my Jeep! :-) Well, I won't say what brand, but my water filter pooped out so I called the company & they emailed me a postage label to send back to them & today I got the new one delivered! YA!!! :-) My city water is not in any violations & in fact they test for things that are not even required but I still am not confident about when it leaves the plant, pipes etc so I put one on my kitchen sink! So I was filling up my pitchers today (aloe/water & water) & ice trays. Even my fur baby Sterling's water fountain reserve tank.  I also wanted to add something else which goes along with general sustainability here... I went to see the movie " First Reformed " (trailer)  today. I had seen Ethan Hawke on a variety of talk shows and interviews and was interested in the movie plot. Now while I won't give the e