Day 16: Cleaner Water

Hi Everyone...

There is just something about this post I tell we go again!

These are the stickers on the back of my Jeep! :-)
Well, I won't say what brand, but my water filter pooped out so I called the company & they emailed me a postage label to send back to them & today I got the new one delivered! YA!!! :-) My city water is not in any violations & in fact they test for things that are not even required but I still am not confident about when it leaves the plant, pipes etc so I put one on my kitchen sink! So I was filling up my pitchers today (aloe/water & water) & ice trays. Even my fur baby Sterling's water fountain reserve tank. 

I also wanted to add something else which goes along with general sustainability here...

I went to see the movie "First Reformed" (trailer)  today. I had seen Ethan Hawke on a variety of talk shows and interviews and was interested in the movie plot. Now while I won't give the ending away, if you plan to still see it stop reading here because I am going to give my opinion. I have to say I was disappointed in the movie. I thought there should have been more conversation on all the perspectives and more depth in the thinking process. It seemed like he gets to his point too quickly and to that outcome without exploring so many more methods he could have done. I want to rewrite the script! HA! :-) And the ending was...odd! I wanted more! I wanted to know what happens next. :-) If you go to see it, message me & let me know what you think. Maybe we can work on a script together! HA! :-) 


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