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Day 18: Movie Tonight - Heavy Water

Hi Everyone... Tonight Fathom Events has Heavy Water in the theaters. Check your areas !

Day 16: Check out 4Ocean

Hi Everyone... I wanted to highlight 4Ocean so you can see what they are all about! Check out their website!!!

Day 15: 4Ocean Heads to NY!

Hi Everyone... Woo Hoo! 4Ocean headed out to New York & look at what everyone did!!! Please also check out their website & see if you can help them with cleaning up our Oceans!

Day 14: World Ocean Day Times Square

Hi Everyone... This is really cool! They should do something on the Ocean EVERYDAY for say 5 min to get everyone to TURN THEIR BLUE MIND ON!!!

Day 13: World Oceans Day

Hi Everyone... Turn  Your Blue Mind On listening to Ocean Waves on World Oceans Day!!! :-)

Day 7: Live Decades Longer Swimming!

Hi Everyone... Check out this article which describes some studies which found swimming slows down aging by DECADES!!! What's more..."Those who swam had a 50% lower death rate than runners, walkers, and those who did not exercise at all." The article provides 8 reasons for this extra longevity including increased well-being, in particular reducing anxiety & depression (#3).  Water definitely is Medicine!!!

Day 6: Blue Mind Docuseries FREE Until Sun!

Hi Everyone... EXCITING NEWS!!! The Blue Mind Docuseries is FREE ACCESS through Sun 11:59 EST!!! Don't miss this opportunity to watch all 7 videos and learn about the SCIENCE that shows how Being Near, In, On or Under the Water can make you Happier, Healthier, More Connected & Better at what you Do! They are AWESOME!!! The picture above is from 1 of the 2 videos on  Force Blue , a group of special operation combat divers who now have a mission of conserving, preserving and restoring the coral reefs! They are just AMAZING!!!