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Day 8: Fox River

Hi Everyone... These pictures are from fun family times on the Fox River. We had an annual picnic there for one of my dad's business organizations. Sooo many fun times over the years. We would ride the Ferry, soaking up the sun and water and laugh etc. Play games, feed the geese, play mini golf and there was a public pool there as well that we would go to sometimes. Now, my nieces in these pictures...they are now 29 yrs old & soon to be 23 yrs old! HA! I actually have a new niece who is 3 months old now! YEP! I don't know if they still have these picnics?? We have not gone in many years. This year they would probably cancel it with COVID, but I'll have to see for next year because man it was just a great place to Turn Your Blue Mind On!!!