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Day 21: Blue Mind at the Dells

Hi Everyone... I was thinking about what to write for today. Trying to think of water places I had been to that I really loved and all of a sudden a smile came over me when I thought of going to Wisconsin Dells as a kid. I have to check on some details with my parents, but I think we went twice. I am much older now & I'm not sure how my memory is, but I seem to recall loving the Duck rides. I thought it was sooo cool they traveled on land and then went into the water! :-) I loved the water and the huge rocks!  I also LOVED going to see the Native American Dance at night. All the pretty colored lights and the costumes similar to this one I think, but I remember 2 men with arms like birds dancing round and round. :-) I also remember going to Paul Bunyan's for breakfast eating at long tables with other people. :-)  The first time we went I was little and we stayed at a cabin and I met the owner's daughter who was my age and named Rachel. Yep, still rem