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Day 10: Water is Medicine Part 1

Hi Everyone... I'm going to really age myself here. These pictures are from summers of 1979, & 1983 (last one I think?) . HA! So this little boy is quite older now! HA! They are from my visits to Michigan. Other than some visits to shop in Michigan City, I've vacationed in Michigan I believe 4 times. Twice I went with family friends to their cottage near the lake, once for my 8th grade graduation & once for my high school graduation. The picture above is from one of those times. Now it was the time I graduated high school that I claimed the water (ok, sand and sun too) was Medicine & healed me! Yep, I believed in 1983! You see, I had to have my tonsils out after my graduation. Very bad...on antibiotics for weeks and weeks so I could graduate, then on graduation day they got bad again, so different antibiotics and surgery postponed for a week or so until they kicked in. A week after the surgery I went up to Michigan with our family friends. OMG that week my hea