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Day 14: Look What I Found!

   Hi Everyone... Well isn't this INTERESTING! Interesting isn't even the right word! I went out to sprinkle my plants the other day & look what I found near where my hose was lying? I have NO IDEA!!! Yes, this is the point you say, "Ahhhhhh" HA! It wasn't there any of the other days I was sprinkling. It isn't one of mine! It is not a round marble, but a flat one, but it is BLUE! I have no idea how it got there? I found it! Hmmmm! The  BLUE MIND Spirit has found me! HA! It was just sitting there all by itself and being very obvious! :-) If I find another one, I'm going to set up a camera! Ha! Today Mother Nature sprinkled my plants, so I didn't have to do it. Thank you Mother Nature! We had some big Boom Booms around 4am this morning, but I usually sleep better when there are T-Storms. Well, not the ones that rattle everything, but in general. :-) Thank you Charis  (Check out her website!) for sending me the Blue Mind heart! I added it to