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Day 9: Turtle Alert

Hi Everyone... I'm sure this may be true for other areas now, though some warmer areas may have been a bit earlier. Please be on the look out as she says in the video!!! While my baby "Sam" left me about 5 yrs ago "Ella" is still going strong. She will be 17 yrs old this July. She and my kitty "Sterling" usually wake me up in the about meal conditioning HA! "Ella" decides to splash around in her tank (it is in my bedroom) and move the big smooth rocks. "Sterling" probably hears that & then starts licking me. HA! "Sam" & "Ella" (Sam was the bigger one on top" I have changed the big rocks now as they would move them. Strong turtles! Here is just "Ella" from some pics I took today...she is a big girl now! "Ella" is the calm & quiet one. "Sam" was the feisty & dominant one. She would tell you when she was not happy. Ha! "Sterli