Podcast: Dr. Nichols

  Great Podcast with Dr. Nichols!

Film: Within the Water

  Hi Everyone... Here is a wonderful film by WaterBear about swimming in the water helps women with prenatal depression. Within the Water - The Search for a Place to Heal . Definitely some Blue Mind! :-)

Kayaking to Blue Mind

Hi Everyone... Blue Mind found Kayaking! 

Film: Fishpeople

Hi Everyone... Lots of Blue Mind in this film! Just Awesome!

World Oceans Day!

Hi Everyone... World Oceans Day today!!! (Check out that link for activities around the glob!) Here are some conferences going on: United Nations Capitol Hill  (Tues-Thurs) 10am CDT " The True Value of Healthy Oceans " (Dr. Nichols speaking!) Activities

Oprah Get's Her Blue Mind On

  Hi Everyone... Well what a way to start 2021's 100 Days of Blue but by a wonderful article of how much Oprah loves bathing in water!  I picked this picture as her article reminded me of the whirlpool tub I grew up with (13 yrs to 40ish). Man, I got in it every chance I could. Soooo relaxing! It also reminds me of when I was interning. The last week they put us up in a lovely hotel and I got in the hot tub everyday! :-)