Day 49: Ocean Energy

Hi Everyone... Some may know I'm certified in Therapeutic Tai Chi for Wellness, which includes Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga & Meditation. Lee Anne from Mind Body Breathe posted this video with the following below and I thought it really demonstrated the Blue Mind with Breathe work!  ***** “She remembered she is as powerful as the sea” LAS The same mysterious force that causes the sun to rise, that powers the waves, that forms and moves the clouds-is the same force that is within us. We have incredible energy running through us at all times. Sometimes we feel that life is happening to us, that things are out of control. Thats (sic) when the great pause can be so powerful!  Pause  Breathe  move in rhythm with nature  tap into the life force energy that is in and around us. As without so within Qigong is the art of learning to tap in and work with this incredible life force energy that is inside of each of us! Slow flowing movements bring us out of our minds and into our hearts. You ar

Day 48: More Splish Splashing!

Great way to Turn Your Blue Mind On watching this little guy turn his on! :-) 

Day 47: Splishing & Splashing!

There was no embedding code, so check out this link for the cutes video of a girl playing in a puddle! She is definitely in a Blue Mind! 

Day 46: Calm & Clear

Hi Everyone... Oh I thought this was just a PERFECT quote which captures what BLUE MIND is all about! 

Day 45: Singing in the Rain

Hi Everyone... Oh man my Spirit just had this inside me singing today! HA! We do have a storm heading this way, so maybe that is what triggered it in me? :-) We gotta add this song to Dr. Nichols' Spotify list ! :-) How can you not be happy watching this? When is the last time you had fun in the rain? :-)

Day 44: Blue Mind Spirit

Hi Everyone... Well this image really spoke to the Blue Mind Spirit in me! :-) Sooo much in it! It is the work of a Gregor999  which I found on a blog which listed  25 Photo Manipulations of Water . Check them out!