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Day 7: Silence For A Blue Mind

Hi Everyone... Sometimes the posts come to you! :-) This looks like a great idea but as we know, not everyone has access to lakes, streams oceans nor can afford to do a room like the one they show. We can get as close as possible though. Again, they show water but do NOT mention it really. Booo! Though sometimes it is not silent at the lake or beach if there is lots of people there. And well you can't shush a Seagull! Ha! Well you can but...ha...and actually sea gulls make me relax. Again, they have been just associated with lakes and oceans so much that now when I see or hear them in even a mall parking lot I relax. I guess good thing it was associated since I don't get to be by the lake or ocean often. Today my water from drinking, laundry and sprinkling the plants on my deck.