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Day 28: World Rainforest Day

Hi Everyone... Today is World Rainforest Day! As you probably know your first breath is from the Trees and the second is from the Ocean! :-) We need to protect BOTH!!! Of course, just like the ocean, changing any one part of the Rainforest Ecosystem alters all the other parts. And each ecosystem affects another. As you can see from the picture, there are many bodies of water which are vital to the Rainforest. The water of the Rainforest is important for its survival and the Rainforest for the Water. Now, certainly those humans who live in & around the Rainforest need the Rainforest and the water, though they may not all realize how their behaviors may be affecting it. They need it for sources of food, medicine and though they may not know the idea of "Blue Mind," they no doubt are benefiting from it. I would say the animals do as well! ;-) Here are some videos which I think might show you. I love the 2nd with Jane Goodall. I think when the chimpanzee is sittin