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Day 25: More Rain

Hi Everyone... Well, yesterday I made a joke about "Free Bath/Shower Day" for the birds, bunnies etc. Look what I saw when I pulled in my drive this evening. HA! I know it may be hard to see, but best I could get, didn't want to scare it off.  He/She just sat there under the bushy tree for a long time while I tried to take pictures and videos. :-)  I have at least 4 bunnies in the area (I saw 4 together at one time so...). One comes by my deck and eats grass and dandelions while my kitty Sterling watches him/her and the birds. I have sweetly named them "Flopsy," "Mopsy," "Cotton-tail," and "Peter" not knowing their genders but....HA! It rained most of the day & is expected to until tomorrow. I think I'll head out tomorrow & take some pictures, since we have received quite a bit of water in the last few days. Some 1st day of Summer with the temps only in the low 70s. It is 64 degrees now! We had 90s for Spring and