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Day 33: Blue Mind in Motion

Hi Everyone... OMG!!!! :-) SARK posted this and I was just sooooo in love! HA! I can't stop watching it! Totally the best! Water, the sound of the Ocean, the smell of the Ocean & Sand AND....Rocking! I LOVE Rocking chairs! Since I was a kid. We had these module chairs in the 70s that rocked and I would just have my big headphones on & listen to music & rock (especially if too hot or too cold outside to go play!) I just found a paper I wrote for my Stress Management Certification in 2003 about a Meditation experience I had one day. I wrote the following: While holding my heart tenderly, while holding my head to slow it... If I could see without my eyes If I could hear without my ears If I could taste without my tongue If I could feel without touching If I could know without thinking If I could say without words If I could give without taking If I could love without thought I would be SPIRIT I think that is what FULL BLUE MIND would be! :-) What do you t