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Day 63: Happy Blue Mind Dog

Hi Everyone... Well even the people talking in the video comment on how HAPPY the dog is. When I watch it I kinda feel like he is trying to show everyone what Blue Mind is and how they can be happy by just getting in the water too! :-)

Day 61: Door County

Hi Everyone... If you have not been to Door County , it is a very lovely place. I saw this ad and certainly thought #BlueMind! :-) It has been many years since I have been there, but I still have very found memories. I remember a very bad rain storm that flooded their mall and we came out and saw a brilliant double rainbow. :-) We didn't get to go to Washington Island as the waters we so choppy, but that just means I'll have to go back another day! :-) It is gorgeous in the fall. Check out the website for all the B&Bs, shops, restaurants, WATER activities etc.

Day 60: Aug 3rd Waukegan Harbor

Hi Everyone... Friday, August 3rd from 1-7pm Waukegan Harbor will have a FREE paddling event! Paddles, life vests & canoe trips are provided. In the evening, 5-8pm, a living history of French fur traders and a movie on the beach are some of the fun activities to end a fun day! Check out the link!

Day 59: Baloo's Blue Mind

Hi Everyone... Check out Boo Bear Baloo (Baloo for short)! He just loved having a #BlueMind soooo much, he said he wanted it inside too! HA! Ah why be in the Texas heat you know! Smart dog! HA! He is Cara Wohr's furbaby and looks like such a fun, loving and sweet dog! :-)

Day 58: Car Washing & Water

Hi Everyone... I really had not thought about when I wash my car myself where the dirty soapy water would go & how it might harm the planet. I do wonder if all professional car wash places are like this video states??? I guess I won't be washing my car myself anymore! :-)

Day 57: Water is Medicine - Surf Dog Ricochet & Ian

Hi Everyone... Well dogs & water I tell you! This is another INSPIRING video of a dog named Ricochet who surfs and helps others with disabilities get in the water for their Medicine! :-) There is a documentary " Going the Distance: Journeys of Recovery " with Ian & Ricochet.

Day 56: Water is Medicine - Claire

Hi Everyone... This is a really tough but AMAZING video to watch! It is soooooo INSPIRING! It is about 30 min long but at about 21 minutes in, Claire talks about her "Earliest Memory of Really Feeling Healthy" and it was when she was 5 yrs old and her dad took her to the Ocean and taught her how to dive and go under water & she said she could hold her breath "forever under there" and she felt "really independent" when she was in the ocean. I have tried to search a bit for more on her and it appears those who helped her with her Youtube channel scammed her even though she did not sign any contract. She is now doing her own Youtube channel and her most recent post on July 7th was about the possibility of getting new lungs. Nothing since then so I'm not sure if she had the surgery or???

Day 55: Playing In Water

Hi Everyone... Look at the fun "Sadifak" is having! :-) She is one of 7 pups who were rescued by Nowzad . Her mother was killed by a bombing in Kabul. She definitely getting her Blue Mind On! :-) Nowzad is an animal rescue founded by British Marine Pen Farthing. While he was in Afghanistan, he rescued a dog he named Nowzad. Pen eventually was able to bring Nowzad back to his home, but then realized there were many soldiers rescuing and bonding with animals who would also love to have these dogs come home with them as well. Of course there were many animals who would love any loving home. Dodo Heroes featured an episode on the Nowzad Shelter recently which is EXCELLENT! Check it out & see how Nowzad was able to assist one of two soldiers who rescued 6 puppies and get them all to to the US to live with him and other veterans! Nowzad has reunited over 1000 dogs & cats with the soldiers who rescued them! :-) The Taliban had banned people from owning dogs, so the

Day 54: How To Make an Ocean Table

Hi Everyone... Well here is one way to keep Your Blue Mind Turned On at home! :-) Check out this video on how to make a table that looks like the ocean. It is a good first try. I think some white/beige concrete might be better...gray looks more like the lake but maybe you rather that. I think also you can play with trying to get the deep side darker blue. Maybe a divider with darker blue then take the divider out & do the lighter blue. That may just be two colors only and you might want a third for a bit of gradual darkening? Something to think about & try. I think you could also put some small shells or shell pieces on the shallow side before you put the epoxy in and hey, you could make it fun with some plastic colorful fish or a SHARK! HA! You know those kids ones! :-) Here is the full page from This Old House with directions.

Day 53: Des Plaines River

Hi Everyone... Check out the Des Plaines River Water Trails for a quiet time to enjoy some water! No boats allowed! :-) There are canoe launch sites at both the northern & middle sections. Check out the link for each section all the way to where the Des Plaines River and Kankakee River meet to make the Illinois River.

Day 52: Nathan the Beach Cat

Hi Everyone... Even some cats get #BlueMind and love the water! :-) This is Nathan the Beach Cat and she (yes she!) loves swimming! Check out more videos of her swimming and Turning Her Blue Mind On! :-)

Day 51: Swimsuits Made From Recycled Plastic

Hi Everyone... What a very cool idea! Very #BlueMinded to help out our Oceans!

Day 50: Totally BlueMind Dog

Hi Everyone... This is Milo & he is Pamela Greenwood's fur baby. He definitely is Totally in #BLUEMIND! :-)

Day 49: Vitamin Sea

Hi Everyone... Well look at this...NBC has Benefits of the Beach & even says "Vitamin Sea!" :-)

Day 48: AquaSonic Concert

Hi Everyone... WOW! This is quite INTERESTING! Check out this video of music being played UNDER WATER! AquaSonic is an Under Water Concert by a group called Between Music . Now Music and Water...Even more Blue Mind???!!! :-) Although I will say some of the music seems a bit creepy (just my opinion) and made me think about the under water scenes in Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire and the "Merpeople." HA! :-)

Day 47: Sweden - Freedom To Roam

Hi Everyone... Very cool! Looks so very Beautiful! :-)

Day 46: Shedd Aquarium New Exhibit

Hi Everyone... The Shedd Aquarium has a new exhibit " What is Beauty? " that you should check out & go to if you can. They say the website has a live cam but it is not live now, instead there is like 4 hours of Beautiful Fish! :-) You can share your pictures on Twitter & Instagram #UnderwaterBeauty and take a quiz. Check out the Special Offers for Military, Students, Teachers, Seniors etc. Also check out their calendar of events .

Day 45: Listen to the Big Blue

Hi Everyone... Just take some time to listen to the Big Blue! Ahhhhhhh :-) Water is Medicine! Vitamin Sea!

Day 44: On Golden Pond

Hi Everyone... Someone mentioned "Loons" the other day and I right away go to when I fell in love with Loons and their call. It was one of my top favorite movies...On Golden Pond!!! No doubt my dream place to live! 2nd would be the beach! :-) I can't tell you how many times I've seen this movie, but I bet it is probably the most of any movie I've seen. First, it is just aesthetically breath-taking. I love the scenes with the serene mood of nature & the water. Next, the characters, plot & specific actors (Henry Fonda, Katherine Hepburn, Jane Fonda, Dabney Coleman & a very young Doug McKeon) are just incredible! Even the Music...anyone remember the game show "Name That Tune"? I know, I'm aging myself here! The first 3 notes and I know the film and the emotions just flood me! It was released December 4, 1981. The very next March it won Best Actor (Henry Fond), Best Actress (Katherine Hepburn) and Best Screenplay from another medium

Day 43: 5 Benefits of Visiting the Beach

Hi Everyone... Well look at this short piece TipHero posted on 5 Benefits Neuroscientists say we get from visiting the Beach! :-) We know there are MANY MORE! 

Day 42: IL State Park Beach

Hi Everyone... Illinois State Beach Park includes 6 1/2 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline, including IL's largest marina! :-) You can hike, bike, boat, fish, swim, picnic, camp & cross country skiing in the winter in various areas which include Dunes, Swales, Marshes, Prairie, Black Oat Forest, with 650 plant species, birds & aquatic life. Check out the link for directions & various locations for specific activities.

Day 41: Andy Nieblas Dances on Water

Hi Everyone... This is Andy Nieblas. Pretty cool footwork! When the Water just takes hold of your Spirit! :-) Edit by: Andrea Coleman

Day 40: Seniors Protecting You

Hi Everyone... I just love this! Seniors get their Medicine of water, socialize, keep fit & save lives, so others can get their Medicine of Water! I think by sharing their experience with the younger lifeguards, they are also teaching young people a very valuable value those who are older with much more experience!

Day 39: Just Add Puppies

Hi Everyone... What is even better than being by the beach & water...PUPPIES! OH MY GOODNESS! Watch this video of Potcakes Place , a dog rescue shelter in the Turks & Caicos Island where you can take a puppy & play on the beach & even Fall In LOVE and take one home! :-) Talk about Turning Your Blue Mind On!

Day 38: Sunset Relaxation

Hi Everyone... Hope you are having a lovely 4th of July! We have some pretty nasty storms by us that is putting a damper on the festivities. Wind is bad and blowing out the grill every time we relight it and fireworks are being canceled...grrrr a bit of Red Mind...but we finished the cooking inside & watched fireworks on tv so back to Blue Mind. Here is a little bit of Blue Mind to help out! :-)

Day 37: Even More Dogs Turning Their Blue Mind On

Hi Everyone... You know I just can't get enough of these dogs Turning Their Blue Mind On! I think they really understand perfectly & are there to show us we need to do this more!!! :-) If we could only get more cats to love the water! :-)

Day 36: More Dogs Turning Their Blue Minds On

Hi Everyone... Oh man just love this one! And right now in the Midwest we are having some scorcher days so this is a good idea! BTW...with that idea, I think I'll mentioned an email my vet sent out. A couple came in with their dog experience heatstroke & unfortunately he said the dog died because the couple covered the dog in ice thinking it would bring his temp down. Unfortunately, all that does it cause more shock to the system so please let everyone know not to do that. My vet said, cool to tepid water is what you should use.