Day 8: A Hero

Hi Everyone...

Today my post is to Honor a Hero who paid the ultimate sacrifice last Monday (Memorial Day) when he was attempting to rescue a man who fell from his boat into the Chicago River. Juan Bucio was a Chicago policeman for 3 years and then fireman for 15 years and was part of the Marine & Dive Unit for 11 years.

During his funeral services today they explained Juan loved the water! He was a lifeguard when he was a young teen for the Chicago beaches. He is one of 9 siblings, including a brother who is a fireman and a sister who is a policewoman. He had two sons 10 & 9 yrs old. If you would like to donate to help his sons you may here.

I know this is a somber post, but I believe it is a very important one. So many of us enjoy oceans, lakes, rivers, & pools and we don't always think about those who are protecting us or come to our aid. They do this because they love to help us. They do it every day! Maybe we should think of that & yes, I'll say, say a prayer for them, each time we are near, in, on or under the water.


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