Day 24: My Water Today...Rain

Hi Everyone...

Well, today's water is Rain! We have some storms moving through this evening and it is adding some refreshing water to my plants and my birdbath. Hopefully! We have had some rains that left dust spots on all our cars this summer. Very odd. They say it is from the farms. Hmmm. The rain is light and quite meditative to watch and listen to...even with a few small lightning strikes and low boom booms. I like how it also makes my deck lights blur and twinkle more! :-)

I always say it is "Free Car Wash Day" (other than those dusty ones) but I'm thinking the birds and rabbits and other animals might like "Free Shower Day" for them! HA!

Now, keep in mind we really don't necessarily need the rain right now. Chicago's WGN TV states we have had 12.41 inches of rain since May 1st, which is 6.37 more than normal. They say it is the wettest for this time period since they began logging it in 1871!


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