Day 21: WMW #8 - Family Pool 3

Hi Everyone...

Well this is my Dad! I thought for Father's Day I would blog about my Dad and how much he helped me LOVE WATER! Actually, as I was visiting with him today, I asked him about our pools. We were both trying to jog our memories. My sister & one of my two brothers were there also & well our memories are all going! HA! We could not remember if we got a pool after the the one collapsed that I blog about previously. I had remembered the brown wood paneling siding on the pool by our first house, but I found these pictures when I returned home this evening and it was at our 2nd house. We had 1 1/3 acres of woods. As I looked at these pictures, I remembered our first house the siding was yellow, I think???? I just emailed my brother & dad these pictures and asked them. :-)
I just emailed my Dad thanking him. He didn't really swim, he could probably do it to save himself with the few lessons he took, but he might have gotten in our first pool once or twice, if that. I thank him for doing all this work on 3 pools so that us 4 kids, and quite frankly, A LOT of the neighbor kids, could have sooooo many summer days having fun in the pool growing up. We figured my youngest brother was about 3 or so when we took lessons, so I would have been 9ish. We probably got our first pool either that summer, if we started lessons in the summer, or the next summer, so from the time I was about 9 to well into my 20s we had pools. That is A LOT time to enjoy the water! :-) Living in the Midwest and not having a lake or ocean near us to swim in, this was AWESOME!!! And you had it EVERYDAY! :-) 
I previously posted about what I loved about floating in this pool at this house. When I emailed my dad & brother a bit ago with these pictures, I tried to jog my brother's memory. He is 6 yrs younger than me, so my memories may be a bit better since I was older back then...then again...I am 6 yrs older now though & my memory is probably going now though! HA! I remember at our first house us kids would get out of the pool and go to the kitchen screen door and call for our Mom. We'd ask her for towels, lunch, popsicles etc. :-) Sometimes we'd have our arms crossed and be shivering. I'm thinking now why that would be??? Probably like "It is 70 degrees, we can go in the pool!" HA! I do remember sometimes the water temperature was warmer than the air, so you would stay underneath the water. Ha! Other times you stayed underneath because it was refreshingly cool. My Mom...I would remember we'd be coming in dripping wet to go to the bathroom! HA! She must have gone nuts with water on the floor all the time. Well, I can only vouch for me...I know I didn't go in the pool! HA! 

I'll tell you one other FUNNY mom was into sewing when we were kids. She did a great job, made us dresses for weddings etc. Well, she said she would make us bathing suits and my sister and I got to pick out our material. I picked terry cloth...anyone see where this story is going??? HA! Yep, I jumped in & it came off! HA! Which was not great since puberty kicked in real early for me, but first I think it must have been just about that time so my body was not totally done ha, and I also was able to grab my top before anyone saw anything...or maybe I went in the pool alone that day??? I'll have to ask my mom if she remembers. I do remember going inside & saying, "Ah Mom, we got a problem..." and it dawned on us at that point, 'Ah, ya towel material probably not a good idea!" HA! We laughed soooo hard! I don't remember if she made me another one though or we just went and bought one? I'll have to call her tomorrow & ask her. :-) Oh Sigh...the fun memories! :-)  


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