Day 13: WMW #4: My Ocean Trips

Hi Everyone...

Today was the March for Oceans Day and I could not participate, so I thought I would talk about the times I've been lucky enough to "experience" the ocean. I'm from the Midwest so oceans are not easily accessible to me! :-)

Well I now know why we should label all pictures. Yes, I'm getting to the age that I'm forgetting. At the time you think you'll never forget. HA!  Anyone recognize it? I believe it is somewhere near San Francisco looking at other pictures below with the same date. HA! I went to California three times I believe, all business trips. I was in San Diego one time and San Francisco two times, but I only remember one of them, HMMM? Well from the dates below it appears 1994 & 1999. I remember the one trip to San Francisco when I was treated with a wine tour/tasting/dinner at a Napa Valley vineyard. FUN! I did get to ride a trolley, which was a special moment for me. I remember when my mom & dad went on a trip to San Francisco when I was a little girl. My mom came back with a charm for her charm bracelet of a trolley that you could look in a hole and see a trolley I believe. I use to love that charm back then. Ha! I also got to take a ferry and spend a day in Sausalito, which I LOVED!!!! It was a bit rainy and chilly some days though.

I LOVE Seagulls! 
When I was in San Diego I remember it was BEAUTIFUL! Flowers everywhere! I was also treated with a Safari tour and a behind the scenes tour at the zoo. Loved them!!!!
Now this picture above I believe is from Myrtle Beach, SC. This was a trip for fun. Unfortunately, this was toward the end of the trip and I had injured my foot on a roller coaster at Kentucky Kingdom. I didn't know it then, but it would be 2 1/2 yrs and 6 doctors before they figured out what was wrong and by then I lost 92% of a muscle and had nerve damage. Sigh! I remember the first day on the beach my foot really hurt on the uneven sand. Limping in pain gave me more Red Mind and boy I needed the Blue Mind of the ocean, but it was really struggling to combat the Red Mind. 

Now this is in Maine. I was in Boston the day before checking out Harvard Univ campus. I was going to meet someone who is a psychology professor there, but he had to go out of the country. I checked out the two Cheers bars (one look outside & one they used the inside for the show) and the city itself. It was fun. I loved having the lobster in Maine!!! YUM! 
These two (above & below) are from York, ME at the Hartley-Mason Reservation
Not sure? Looks like West coast? Lovely waves though! I also went to Florida three times and saw the ocean. My Great-Great Aunts lived in Melbourne & so we'd go visit them & then head to Orlando to see Mickey. :-) 
Well, I think that is it? Not too bad, but not enough for me! HA! If I remember the other trip to San Fran I'll update this. HA!


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